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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Never! UberZon Club is and will always be 100% free to join and participate.

Because we have amazing friends on Amazon, that’s how! See, there are countless sellers who need YOUR help to make their mark on the marketplace. These are small and often family-owned businesses who wish to gain traction on Amazon by making available deep discounts on their premium products. Sales, word of mouth, and your feedback in the form of product reviews goes a long way in helping those businesses make their mark and compete with huge brands on Amazon.

It is truly a mutually beneficial arrangement. The more responsive our members are, the more sellers and products that will be made available to you at amazing discounts.

While we are HUGE fans of and are frequent customers ourselves, we are no affiliated with or endorsed/sponsored in any way by We simply convey great Club-only offers from our friends who sell on Amazon.
Quantity of offers varies on any given day however you can expect to have the opportunity to buy and review 15-20 and even more products every single day. Our emails go out throughout the day and are viewed by thousands, so it’s important to act quickly as an UberZon Deal come in.
No. Participation in the Amazon review platform is not necessary. The purpose of these promotions are purely for brand awareness. We are not soliciting reviews, and in no way require you to leave reviews. Please note that we a) do not request your reviewer profile (do not send it to us), b) do not request links to your reviews if you choose to leave one (again, we are not a review group and are not interested in reviews), and c) will at no point prevent you from participating in our continued promotions should you choose not to review products. Again we are not a review group or review service, we do not require reviews to participate in our platform, and exist solely to convey great deals to you, our valuable club members.

Recent Club-Only Deals

Yogimod Premium Yoga Towel

Gave Away


Made of the highest quality microfiber, this Yoga Towel is highly absorbent, extra long, and fits perfectly over any yoga mat. Whether an intense session of bikram yoga, pilates, or even just a day at the beach await, this towel is sure to meet your needs.

  • Normal Price: $24.99
  • Club Only Pricing: Just $1.95!

Sweet Shower Head

Gave Away


Now you can flavor water with the juices of your favorite fruit to create DELICIOUS beverages. Healthy, Easy, and Fun Way To Hydrate And Detox – Infuse Water With Oranges, Lemons & Other Citrus Fruits, Raspberries, Mango, Kiwi, You Name It! ~The Perfect Water Infuser and Container At Home And For Sports, Hiking, Gym, Camping, Yoga, Office, Travels, And Anywhere Else.

  • Normal Price: $19.91
  • Club Only Pricing: Just $1