If you are a super savvy shopper you likely already employ a number of tactics to get the most out of your commerce experiences. For beginners and veterans alike, however, we’ve put together a short list to get you in the money as quickly as possible.

Tip #1 – Technology is your friend in the grocery store

There are some awesome apps nowadays that will really help in your efforts, and statistically speaking there’s like a 94% chance you have a smartphone. Companies are now embracing this trend in spades and are in turn offering digital coupons delivered directly to their in-house apps. There are also apps that help you plan meals, track prices and organize your grocery lists. Heck, Amazon’s Echo can even record your lists by voice and then send them to your smartphone when you are ready to use them.

This next level organization and communication directly with manufacturers will save you tons by, at very least, helping you keep track of good old fashioned coupons. A little planning goes a long way when saving on groceries.

Tip #2 Use credit cards

Wait what? We’re talking about SAVING money here, not spending it on interest. Well, this is true, and you should certainly not go out of your way to use your credit cards more than necessary. But for simple purchases, that you can pay off before interest is charged, you can rack up on points. Many cards nowadays have incentive programs that will reward shoppers for using the card on everyday spending. Those incentives often take the form of points that can be redeemed for goods, more credit or even cash.

Racking up enough points to fly the family across the country for the holidays is just as good as saving money, right?

Tip #3 Improve your penmanship

Ok, when writing a letter you actually probably should type it out (unless you REALLY want to give the impression that you put forth a lot of effort). So who are you writing? Your favorite brands of course. A lot of great discounts, freebies and promos can come directly from manufacturers and brand owners simply by writing them a letter. And the subject matter of the letter can be as simple as explaining that you love their products and would love to try anything new they have to offer.

This goes hand in hand with the age old adage; it never hurts to ask.

Simply by opening up communication with a company and asking if they have samples or other deals going on, you will likely get a few favorable answers. This could stack up to quite a bit of savings.

Tip #4 UberZon Club

If you live in this century and didn’t just awaken from a cryogenic sleep caused by being frozen in a block of ice (think Encino Man….or Avatar the Last Air Bender) you probably buy things on Amazon.com. And why wouldn’t you? It’s awesome, convenient and it offers a large selection.

Well, by joining the UberZon Club, you can save 85%, 90%, 95% and more on awesome products on Amazon. UberZon has access to exclusive deals from hundreds of brands and they pass those deals onto you every single day. The best part is, it is totally free to sign up for the club. All you need is a valid email address, and you can start enjoying great savings by the next day.

By using these tactics you’ll never have to pay retail prices again and every day might as well be Black Friday.

So get your shopping shoes on and save money like the savvy consumer you are. With strategies like these, deals are like Pokemon.

Gotta catch them all. Happy hunting!